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Posted on August 08, 2013 by Lisa Pool

Hope! It all starts with hope. The hope for a great day and a better tomorrow. The that you can overcome any obstacle life happens to throw at us... You know. life will always ebb and flow, but as long as you believe in yourself and your sincere faith in hope, you have the capacity to achieve anything you set your sights on. Hope is the driving force behind the Missy Briscoe Designs name, and as well as my personal philosophy.
I gave quite a bit of thought as to what I would name this blog, a place that allows me to share my thoughts, my inspirations, philosophies, new ideas and our upcoming collections. I chose the name White Flower in reference to the Sagiso flower, a beautiful white blossom that holds the meaning, when given to another that the thoughts of giver will follower the receiver into their dreams. It is my hope that I can inspire your daily life as well as your dreams whatever they may be.
I come from a very diverse background, one as a mother, a wife, collage grad, pageant title holder, jeweler and now a business owner. I have faced my own illnesses and adversities, as well as the impactful illnesses and challenges of both my husband (the true love of my life) and that of our children. I have faced these experiences with the same hope and optimism you will find in the messages behind the jewelry I can created.
I am sharing these messages accompanied by a piece of my soul with you now with the desire to inspire you in your own lives. That these pieces I have created, as you wear them, provide you with a daily reminder of happiness and motivation as you embrace those challenges your own life may put in your path.
Thank you for taking time to visit my website and allowing me to share my thoughts and visions with you. Please check back often for more inspiration, new designs and lots of fun.
Always remember... Hope is our greatest treasure!
Hope + Peace
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