About Missy Briscoe

I am an eternal optimist. No matter what challenge or task comes to me, I am deeply driven to see a positive outcome and to find a way to bring resolution and joy to whatever I encounter.

I have always had this intense passion for creating my own jewelry collections. My career in the jewelry industry started in 2000, and since then I have been designing and crafting by hand, my own designs to share. I have been blessed to be awarded for a number of my custom designs and have been a contributing writer for the MJSA Magazine.

My maternal grandmother, the world traveler that she is, inspired my love and profound respect for the Japanese culture, while my fraternal grandmother fostered my daily love for nature and flowers. Married to my high school sweetheart as well as a busy mom; my life is very full and rich.

My world while abundant and precious to me has not been without its share of heartache. Due to my husband's chronic pain condition I have experienced a relapse over my triumph with depression and even infertility as a result of the stresses associated with loving someone who is stricken with a debilitating condition. A bright light evoked from this experience and today I am active advocate for depression education and awareness, infertility awareness and help for those living with chronic pain. Facing these life challenges comes a divine passion for my jewelry line in the hopes to inspire and support others.

Combining the world travel and nature inspiration from my grandmothers, and my desire to share a message of faith and love, spring the life force that is Missy Briscoe Designs.

I truly believe that hope is our greatest treasure, and I hope you find my designs to be something you can cherish, share and enjoy for a lifetime!