Hope & Fertility Stacker

 Missy Briscoe Designs has created a Stacker for the Hope and Fertility Collection. The natural beads that make up this bracelet are Smooth Rainbow Moonstones, Faceted Garnets, Faceted Carnelian and  Smooth Rose Quartz. These stones were chosen for their fertility enhancing qualities. Each bead is allowed to touch the skin and project their healing properties into the wearer's being.  A small cherry blossom tag accented the infinity symbol on the back of the charm completes this special bracelet. It is perfect for everyday wear. Missy herself wore this bracelet daily while trying to have a child for 4 years and finally conceiving through IVF. Feel free to message Missy about her infertility journey. 

Available in Hand Antiqued



Enjoy our New Stacker with any of our Hope & Fertility selections! 

For every piece of our Hope and Fertility Collection that is sold Missy Briscoe Designs will donate 5% of the purchase price to Resolve, the national infertility association.

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